Virtual Private Servers - powered by KVM

Feel the power of your own server with our KVM series. A perfect solution for them who wants an isolated private environment with the flavor of a dedicated server but at a very lower cost. We never oversell our resources. So, be sure to get what you will be paying for.


25 GB Storage

2 GB Ram

1 TB Bandwidth

1 vCore CPU

Full Root Access


50 GB Storage

3 GB Ram

2 TB Bandwidth

1 vCore CPU

Full Root Access


100 GB Storage

5 GB Ram

4 TB Bandwidth

1 vCore CPU

Full Root Access


200 GB Storage

8 GB Ram

6 TB Bandwidth

2 vCore CPU

Full Root Access

Options available with KVM VPS

Free VPS Control panel  •  24/7/365 Support  •  1 IP Included  •  DDoS Protection  •  99.99% Uptime

VPS Control Panel

Reboot & Re-install VPS OS any time, check resource usage.

99.99% Uptime

With pro-active monitoring - we ensure our servers always up.

Operating System

Choose from CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian or other linux OS.

IP Address

1 IP included
additional IP: Tk 200/mo


cPanel VPS License at a cost of Taka 1200/mo (additional) only.

Premium Servers

Premium servers from USA, Canada & EU datacenters.

Guaranteed Resources

You'll get what you'll be paying for - Guaranteed!

Superb Support!

24/7/365 Support via Live Chat, Email & Phone.

Packages above not fitting your requirements? No Problem!

We do offer customized hosting packages. Contact us today for whatever requirements you have.