How to protect your WordPress website from ongoing attacks

We are noticing a big spike in the number of attacks on WordPress based websites in recent times. WordPress is the most popular tool to build websites now a days. It is also the most vulnerable ones – as attackers can easily identify a WordPress site and can exploit any weaknesses present in the site.
WordPress requires continuous monitoring and updating (WordPress core, Plugins, and themes) – otherwise, these sites are the most vulnerable ones to get hacked. Backdated WordPress, plugins, and themes create a backdoor for malware/Viruses and give the attackers the ability to run various attacks on websites and servers.
We have noticed your website is also built using WordPress. There have been various attacks going on through old WordPress, Plugins, and themes. We would like to draw your urgent attention and request you to take immediate action on your WordPress based website and perform the following tasks:
  • Update WordPress Core, all the Plugins, and Themes immediately.
  • Remove unnecessary plugins and files from the web hosting space.
  • Install a security plugin like “WordFence” and configure it properly.
  • Set a complex password for the WordPress admin user account.
Please take the above steps as soon as possible and if you are not sure how to do these or if you do not have time/expertise to perform these – please contact us. We have a dedicated experienced WordPress team who can fix your website and secure it.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on this issue. Thank you.